About Us


With a dynamic heritage driven by insatiable curiosity and passion, conceptulisation of strategic alliances and synergetic relationships towards innovation, growth and quality of life, GlendaleAsia is committed to social responsibilities & provides path breaking new age bio-technological products at unimaginable economy to consumers along with exceptional health benefits with outlets at the United States of America and Great Britain.

GlendaleAsia Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, a Bangalore based company, is an entity driven by quality with a profound belief in maximizing affordable healthcare.

Focus of the company is to manufacture & market pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cutting edge medical and diagnostic instrumentation products.

The management consists of a group of consummate entrepreneurs who successfully run businesses in varied sectors and have set pioneering trends in education, knowledge process outsourcing, global mobility, turnkey projects and hospitality.

This experience in corporate management, product distribution and foreign markets adds to our core strength.

Commitment to all our channel partners is driven by our passion to attain our objective of affordable healthcare to all.

Ethics, Aim and Ideas

  • To leave an indelible mark in the society.
  • To create a quality revolution.
  • To engage in creative destruction i.e. to enable a cheaper and effective new technology to replace the old.
  • Talent, creative expertise, financial power and ideas don’t ensure success but passion coupled with determination definitely does.

Vision, Mission and Values


To be a dominant and trusted player in the pharmaceutical arena making quality healthcare affordable and available to all.


To be an innovative and reliable partner with Health Care Professionals to reduce the burden of lifestyle disorders and disease by path breaking, state of the art, Bio and Nano technology products for treatment, prophylaxis & even reversal of Diabetes and other metabolic disorders; anti-infectives that offer enhanced in-vitro efficacy in Critical Care Management.

To bring in revolutionary, hi-tech biomedical instrumentation i.e. non-invasive diagnostic analyzers, at comparatively unimaginable economy, in certain instances even eliminating the need for Surgery, doing away with time consuming procedures.

To Partner with Government, Non-Government Organization (NGO) and Social Organizations for the promotion of Health & prevention of life style disorders at the grass roots.


  • Achieving customer satisfaction and cost advantage.
  • Up hold the highest standards of integrity & transparency in all our transactions.
  • Provide products & services of the highest quality.
  • Practice dignity & equity in relationships and provide equal opportunities to our people to realize their full potential.
  • Nurture mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners.
  • Manage the operations with high concern for safety, environment and Social Responsibility.
  • Being a responsible corporate entity.

Board of Directors

Led by a group of professionals ,with an entrepreneur , Mr Hugh David Tyman Consultant CEO gives dynamism to our vision.Our Consultant Dr T Narayan swamy,MD channels the vision to a perfectly enabled reality.Mr C B chengappa,Director (finance) is a person grounded to realities coupled with the euphemism “Impossible is often untried”. Mr Krishna T ,our sales director challenges the realm of possibilities to explore new avenues.We have an extraordinary ensemble ,with the adage “small is nimble”

Executive Team

Nobody can stop an Idea when it's time has come.The Executive team led by Dr S M Junaid has a motto "never give up".Assisting him in his endeavours is Krishna T and Dr T prabhakar.We have fairly a vocal team with vociferous professionals who go by the dictum that "we agree to dis agree". results speak for themselves and the This team always delivers.