Critical Care Management

Advanced Bio Medical Instrumentation


A Medical Engineering marvel, designed as a comprehensive multi-organ screening analyser.

Science is progressing in leaps and bounds. Healthcare industry is poised for challenges of the 21st century. Mathematical algorithms coupled with your body’s thermal dynamics using the principles of law of mass transfer have transformed the world of routine diagnostic into non-invasive diagnostics.

What does it mean in layman’s term?

No more needles……………….

130 parameters determining your body’s organs can be deciphered in 6 to 12 minutes.

We hope to the change the way the world thinks, and the 1st step towards that is here……………

Non Invasive Hemogram Analyser (NHA)

A technological invention which has no analogues in the world.

Dr.Malykhin.A.V.., an endocrinologist whose credentials are unmatched, along with pulavskyi deciphered this based on mathematical algorithms and thermo dynamics. (Malykhin pulavskyi method patient No.3546A6185)

The Hemogram Analyzer

  • Known as NHA in India (adapted to Indian tropical conditions)
  • AMP in China ( adapted to Chinese terrain)
  • ANESA in Europe

Operating principles

  • Based on the connect between the human body and the environment by interaction of the enzymatic hormonal system and the hemopoietic system, a method was developed on the kinematic exponential relationship between the response rate and the temperature and the transformation of temperature in to radiation energy.
  • This principle is grounded on the postulations by Galzinge & Mauzuli in 1979 about the physical parameters of mediator molecules such as dipole moment, molar refraction and there exciting or retarding properties with respect to the course of bio chemical reactions.
  • Dr.Malykhin.A.V & his team made the evaluation of dipole moment , by vector method with the use of inter nuclear distance of chemical, relative molar mass of substance, Xe 86 wave length & other structural data, namely Linear dimension s of Cardiac and Somatic capillary vessels, Erythrocyte diameter, Body temperature and atmospheric pressure and gas composition of atmosphere, function of mass transfer and specific conductivity which is connected with oxygen diffusion coefficient .
  • The principle of operations ANESA/ AMP/ NHA is based on the processing of behavior of temperature indicators in representation points that is bifurcation of Carotid artery on the left and on the right , in axillaries and umbilicus and is based on the relationship between the variations in oxygen diffusion coefficient .
  • An algorithm is associated with processing information, data is read from an input source, written to an output device, and/or stored for further processing. Stored data is regarded as part of the internal state of the entity performing the algorithm.
  • The used of Hardware and Software technology enables the neuro chemical mechanism in real time
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We have LIMDT(no analogues/similar products) with unique characteristics.No Drugs involved .Nothing than a complimentary total therapy with amazing results ON ALL IMMUNOLOGICAL DISORDERS.!

Focusing on oncology(carcinoma)but it is a gift to all immunological disorders.In India we define it as Low intensity microwave and decimetre wave therapy (LIMDT).Throughout the world it is known as BIOL..The indian conditions require a little conjecture in your minds.It’s the most effective therapy for a patient’s immune system.It’s Electromagnetic influence on the the tumour cells are undeniable.No side effects,this compliments the existing therapies.3 to 4 cycles of treatment disrupts the entire clonal progression of tumours.!

Combination treatment ,a cycle i.e 10 to 12 days and reiteration of these cycles within 30 to 50 days results in positive results which is beyond the imagination of the present day science’s vocabulary.!

A comprehensive manual with all the details are attached in the link.Go ahead ,explore the new frontiers of science in the Heath sector.

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This is a new generation shock wave therapy which the world in really comprehending.

Extensively used in orthopaedics…..but also in neurology,rheumotologycosmetology.

Let me illustrate an example,An athlete treated with this device for the 48 hours will be able to deliver ,since the trouble troubling will have an anaesthetic effect.

this amazing device SWTA as is known in india can change the way the world thinks of pain management.

There are built in protocols with predefined settings. On the musculoskeletal system ,Paresis,paralysis the impact will be really devastating.specially designed for doctors and the details are there too.

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